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Packing Paleo lunches – For Kids and Adults

Some people are apprehensive to try the Paleo diet because they have to give up so many foods. We’re not just talking about junk foods or processed foods here. On this specific diet, you are not allowed to eat rice, potatoes, dairy (cheese, milk, butter), pasta, bread and everything that our hunter-gatherer ancestors did not consume. It’s going to be difficult because this diet takes a lot of getting used to.

To make the transition smoother, it’s important for you to keep a list of the foods you are allowed and not allowed to eat. Also, there are so many Paleo cookbooks out there that will make meal planning easier for you. Here are some tips and ideas on how to pack Paleo lunches for you and the kids:

1.) To make lunch more palatable for the kids, make sure you add a variety of food in their lunch box instead of just throwing roast beef in there. Make a list of the things they enjoy eating. You can purchase one of those bento lunch boxes so you can put a little bit of everything. Here is one good lunch idea for you and the kids- shrimp avocado salad with homemade mayonnaise, baby carrots, sugar snap peas and Paleo crackers.

2.) Don’t pack the same set of meals over and over especially for the kids’ lunch boxes. Two days in a row is fine but if you want your kids to look forward to lunch, mix it up and be creative. You can assign Friday as “make your own lunch day” so that the kids will feel that they are in control. They can eat whatever they want on Friday provided they it is part of the Paleo food list.

3.) Since there are so many restricted foods with the Paleo diet, it’s a great idea to have your own Paleo stash at work. This will come in handy on days when you do not have time to pack your lunch. Canned tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and beef jerky store for a long time and they are all good options for the Paleo dieter!

4.) Pack lunch that is both good cold and hot such as meat and vegetables kebab. This way you don’t have to worry about not being able to reheat the food in the microwave oven. These are easy to prepare and delicious. Plus you have everything you need in one stick. Ok maybe two or more!

5.) On your “lazy days”, you can just make a big salad that has your favorite meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Make sure you keep the salad ingredients and dressing separate to prevent the vegetables from getting soggy. Olive oil, raw honey and fresh lemon juice make an excellent salad dressing.

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