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Fasting Insulin level

If you have regular visits to your Doctor, it’s likely you’ve heard about Fasting Insulin Level and you may be tested for it. Insulin is a  very important hormone whose primary function is to tell cells to absorb the glucose in your bloodstream. When your insulin levels are elevated, it is a strong indication of metabolic dysfunction. It can be a warning of pre-diabetes (poor glucose tolerance), abnormalities with your blood lipids and high fat mass. To determine fasting insulin levels, you measure your insulin first thing in the morning, before eating a meal.

In the U.S., surveys have shown the average insulin level for men to be 8.8 uIU/mL and for women 8.4u IU/m. This is actually pretty high and could well be a confirmation of the obesity/diabetic problems in our country.

I tend to think blood insulin levels between 2 and 6 uIU/mL are healthiest. There are definitely some ways to accomplish this, such as a “paleolithic” diet. These diets when designed to maintain body weight can drop fasting insulin significantly in as little as 10 days.

Eating sugar and grains greatly increases your insulin levels and increases the aging process. By altering the average american diet to reduce or completely eliminate sugars and grains, you can vastly reduce your insulin levels.

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