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Why Sugar Cane is Natural, But the Sugar We Use In Our Homes is Not

One of the reasons why the Paleo diet restricts common table sugar is because it is high in carbohydrates. If you are not new to the premise of this diet, you know that refined carbohydrates are a definite no-no. Simply put, they are more harmful than beneficial.

A diet that is high in sugars increases your risk of obesity, insulin resistance, polycystic ovarian syndrome and diabetes. However, this does not mean that all kinds of sugar are bad for you. Sugar helps in boosting your energy levels but it should not be taken in large amounts.

The sugar we use at home (white sugar) comes from sugar cane or sugar beets. These plants are crushed to extract their sweet juices. The juice is then crystallized into a loose crumble. Some people like to call sugar as sweet poison because it has been washed-out of its vitamins and minerals. It’s nothing but pure, refined carbohydrates and empty calories.

The body can’t really use this refined starch and carbohydrates unless the depleted proteins and nutrients are present. Excessive amounts of sugar in your diet promote overeating because of its stimulating taste. When you overeat, obviously, you consume excess calories and this can lead to countless health risks and problems.

Living a sugar-free diet is impossible but if you want to stay healthy, you have to avoid white, refined sugar. The solution? Opt for something natural such as sugar cane! This plant is a member of the grass family and its juice is as potent as wheatgrass juice with less chlorophyll (hence the color) and higher sugar content.

Sugar cane juice contains approximately 15% sugar. It’s good to know that the rest of the juice is loaded with vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium and phosphorous.

To enjoy its full benefits, sugar cane is best eaten raw. People in countries such as the Philippines eat sugar cane stalks as a snack. Cut the stalk into pieces (6 to 8 inches long) and run them under warm water to get rid of the dirt. Chew the sugar cane and enjoy its untainted sweetness. Be careful not to swallow the stalk!

If you can’t find a cane field near you, you can order Raw Sugar Cane Swizzle Sticks online. A pack of 20 costs less than $15. These swizzle sticks are great for sweetening cocktails and coffee. Once you try them, you will never go back to refined sugar again!

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