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What You Should Eat for Breakfast to Get the Most From Your Workout

When it comes to losing weight or getting fit, food and exercise should always work in combination. What you put into your body dictates how it’ll respond to your workout. So what should you eat for breakfast if you’re planning on working out in the morning?

Never Skip Breakfast

If you’re thinking that you can skip breakfast completely, think again! You’ve just been asleep for 6-9 hours, during which time your body has received no nutrition at all. Do you really think it’s primed for fat burning and muscle building? If you don’t eat breakfast, you won’t get your body ready to get working!

Even worse, skipping breakfast means you’re far more likely to overeat during the day. This is not good news for those looking to lose weight. Plus skipping breakfast will cause insulin levels to rise when you eat your lunch, causing your body to store fat.

When to Eat Breakfast

Should you even eat before you exercise? Or should you save it for when you’re done? Many people believe that they’ll burn fewer calories if they eat before exercise, but the truth is that you need fuel for your body to get the most from the workout.

You won’t want to eat a huge breakfast, but definitely do eat something light before you exercise. Then, once the exercise is over, make sure that you eat something nutritious within around 30 minutes to an hour of the workout finishing.

So What Should You Eat?

Now you know how important it is to make sure you do eat breakfast, there’s the question of what you should be eating. Here are some ideas for breakfasts that will fuel your body and keep your energy levels up throughout your workout:

  • An apple is a quick snack, perfect for busy people and high in nutrients. Combine this with some pistachio nuts for some extra protein and fiber.
  • Fat free yogurt with blueberries and maple syrup will boost your blood sugar levels in the morning.
  • Fruit juices or smoothies can be excellent ways to get sugar and nutrients into your body. Make your own fresh for the best results.
  • And don’t forget to stay hydrated! Make sure you gulp down a good amount of water in the morning before your workout!

Make sure you eat your breakfast around 30 minutes before you work out, and keep it light. When you’re finished, you can eat more. Make sure you get some protein in your body after a workout to help aid muscle recovery.

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