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The Dangers Of Playing Fitness Games

The popularity of fitness games just keeps rising. Everyone wants to make their lives easier by using technology, using everything from iPads to virtual personal trainers. Fitness games do have their benefits but you should also know the dangers of playing fitness games.

No Workout Buddy

When you work out in a gym or with a friend, you always have someone to spot you or talk to. When you work out with a buddy, you can judge your level of exercise while talking. You should be able to speak easily, but still have shortness of breath. With fitness games, you will probably be working out alone, and with no one to talk to, you can either over or under shoot your targeted activity level. Being alone can also put a damper on your motivation. The most dangerous aspect of working out alone is that if you feel faint, injury yourself or find yourself in any sort of emergency, you are basically on your own. Always keep a phone close by when exercising alone.

Incorrect Data

A lot of fitness names will give you calorie counters, BMI calculators and other data. These numbers should only be used as guidelines. Every person and every body type is different, therefore, each person burns different amounts of calories even if they weigh the same. Someone with more muscle mass will burn more calories than someone of the same weight, but with a higher fat percentage. If you base your diet and exercise plan solely on the info that a fitness game gives you, you could accidentally be over or under eating and not burning the calories you should be; both of which could be very dangerous.

Not Enough Sunlight

By spending all of your time indoors, you are depriving yourself of the sun’s rays. The sun acts as a natural mood lifter. Sunlight actually promotes “happy” hormone production, produces vitamin D in your body, and can actually promote better sleep patterns. Scientists believe that sunlight might even be able to help your immune system fight off certain forms of cancer. Lack of sunlight can cause depression, vitamin D deficiency, insomnia and a lowered immune system.

Fitness names are a great starting point in a new exercise routine, a supplement to your current routine or a workout substitute every once in a while. The most important thing is to enjoy your activity but still remember the possible dangers of playing fitness games.

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