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How Healthy Are Your Hormones

by Pamela Levin, R.N.

Women’s hormones are incredibly powerful. They can drop a woman’s mood, fuel her motivation, dry up her bones or her sex life. They can even unbalance a corporation! No, I’m not referring to that old way of oppressing women by using their hormones as an excuse. I’m referring to the fact that when women decided to do something different about their hormone balance, Wyeth Australia’s sales plummeted a whopping 30% in one day!

So, what do women need to be doing about our hormones? In short, we need to participate in creating our own true and truly safe hormone balance. This is so crucial because real hormone balance and real health go hand in glove.

But how can we take charge of our own glandular, biochemical and environmental uniqueness if we don’t know what’s going on? To take control of our own bodies, we need to start by assessing them, so we can find out whether any various symptoms we might have indicate that our hormonal systems are out of balance and might need some help.

In researching what symptoms these might have their roots in female hormones, I came up with a whopping two hundred and nine! Why is this number so huge? Because female hormones are at the very core of how everything – our bodies, minds, spirits, emotions – work and integrate together. So if they don’t work, other systems don’t either.


Pamela Levin is an R.N., an award-winning nutritional journalist and author with 500+ post-graduate hours in clinical nutrition, herbology and applied kinesiology.  In private practice  42 years,  she has worked extensively and effectively with female hormone issues and has shared her expertise with colleagues and lay audiences in 10 countries and four continents. 

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