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How Healthy Are You?

Have you ever stopped to wonder just how healthy you are? In my quest for optimal health,
this has been the recurring question I’ve come back to time and again. One thing I know for
sure, no matter how much money you have, or how much love you enjoy in your life, without
great health, not much else matters.

The odd thing is, over the years I asked a great many Doctors just how you can determine your
overall state of health. Of course, there are yearly physicals, but let’s face it, most Doctors are
not in the wellness business. In fact, they don’t make much money unless their patient’s get
sick, and sadly, the sicker you are, the more money they make. Now I know there are more than
a few truly ethical Doctors out there, and not all are driven by pure capitalism. And, I really don’t
have a problem with anyone being motivated by money, just so long as they make it ethically.
But here, we’re talking about what really boils down to a conflict of interest. You want to be as
healthy as you can possibly be, and I’m sure ideally you’d like to be that way without having to
take a whole bunch of pills or certainly without having to go through anything like a surgery.

In reality, we can expect that things will arise that necessitate both. But if we pay attention to
some key indicators, we can quite concievably keep these things to a minimum, while at the same
time enjoying a high degree of health.

The indicators I’m going to tell you about over the next few days are Cholesterol/HDL Ratio,
Waist/Hip Ratio, your Vitamin D level, your Fasting Insulin level, the percentage of body fat
you have and your Uric Acid level.

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