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Five Anti Aging Breakthroughs

Women’s quest to peel off years from their skin is not a new idea. Anti aging products multiply by the week- there’s always something new to try. Some of the more recent studies (last few years) have been pretty exciting. A number of studies have found better ways to preserve our youth. Here are five anti aging breakthroughs:

1.) You are what you eat. Well, not exactly!

While diet plays a major role on how we look and feel, it isn’t always the case according to Katherine Tucker, PhD. She is an epidemiologist who does some research work in the field of nutrigenomics. According to her, our genetic predisposition affects the way our bodies utilize the nutrients in the food we eat. Soon enough, nutrigenomics researchers will get to the bottom of some of the contradictions from major studies. Some of the population-based studies often have conflicting results about specific nutrients and how they directly affect an individual. Tucker mentioned that genetic predisposition is probably the one to blame for the baffling results.

2.) Cleaning up the brain

Kim Finley, PhD, was able to maintain a cellular cleanup mechanism in the brains of fruit flies as they aged. She found out that they lived longer on average of 55%. Finley also said that the flies were extremely healthy. Ongoing studies are trying to find out if the same procedure has the same effects to humans. If it does, this could be a breakthrough in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative disorders of the brain.

3.) Fight the big C at its source

We already know that breast cancer starts in the nipple’s milk ducts so why not fight cancer by targeting the source? Dr. Susan Love said that it makes sense to prevent cancer by identifying where it starts. In a new study, Dr. Love and her co-researchers are trying to find out if the introduction of low dose chemotherapy into the milk ducts has the ability to destroy precancerous cells or prevent them from developing into invasive cancer. This anti aging breakthrough will hopefully fabricate a product that a woman can squirt down the duct to clean it out.

4.) Strong bones will fight aging

A study conducted in 2006 showed that targeting a specific gene stopped bone decay and stimulated bone growth in mice. While it’s not proven yet that this procedure can be applied to humans, it’s a big possibility. Hopefully, they would be able to find out if osteoporosis can be prevented by altering the action of that certain gene (Atp6v0d2).

5.) Tailoring your genes

We know that our genes increases our risk of type 2 diabetes but we don’t know which ones. Once scientists are able to find out which genes influence the disease, they could come up with a drug that alters the action of those genes.

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