Fitness Technology Puts Fun Back Into Fitness

The world of fitness and exercise has come a long way in recent years.

Exercise today is actually becoming fun. This is directly related to advances in fitness technology. Which of the following scenarios would you prefer?

1. Walk around the same city block or field day after day counting laps to get your daily fitness in.

Or 2. Play a fitness game with other people and challenge each other to see who can win?

Most people would choose the second option because it sounds like fun. Exercise does not have to be boring anymore. You have so many choices for the types of fitness you can choose and there are numerous fitness related products to help you stay on track.

Isn’t math made easier by using a calculator? Apply the same to counting calories, wouldn’t it be fun and easy to log your calories on your smart phone? Instead of calculating how far you walk each day, wouldn’t it be great to use a small device that will count not just your steps but the number of calories you burn too?

All of these things are possible today so why not use tools to make your life easier when you can? When was the last time you mailed a letter, you are more likely to send an email or text message these days. Fitness tools can simplify losing weight by helping you track what you eat and how much activity you get each day. Using an app or online website is faster than writing out all your food choices each day.

You can easily add foods to your favorites and then add them to each day with the click of your mouse. Nike has just come out with their Nike+ Fuel system which allows you to interact online and have fun with your friends. Nike and many other manufacturers are making use of GPS in their fitness tracking products. This is done by placing a sensor in your shoe, which then tracks your mileage and pace and sends the information back to a wrist band or watch. You can then upload this data to any one the popular fitness websites such as My Fitness Pal or Spark People so you have a complete fitness profile.

When you purchase new fitness related products you will notice that many of them are Wi-Fi and Blue tooth compatible. This allows you to keep all your health info updated and allows you to stay motivated. Your motivation is kept high because many of these fitness apps and products provide you with graphs and charts so you can see your progress in real time. It has been shown that people who make use of these fitness tools attain their goals quickly and then keep to this new lifestyle.

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