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Who said losing weight and exercising can’t be fun?

One of the biggest issues with losing weight and committing to an exercise routine is motivation. When you are having fun with what you are doing then chances are your motivation will stay high.

So how can you make fitness fun?

There are new online websites popping up that are making the whole health industry a fun one. This is being accomplished by them adding rewards and bonuses to the site. One great site you should visit is This site actually uses something called Fit Points as an online currency. You earn points by being active and commenting and reading articles. Once you have a certain amount of currency saved up you can exchange it for products and goods related to fitness. This is a great concept and one that will keep you motivated while reaching your goals.

People love to be interactive online and this is the reason why social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are so popular. So the top fitness experts have taken this into consideration when releasing their new products.

For example Nike has their Nike+ Running App. While the app is great in itself and functions to keep track of your pace, your distance and the calories you burn using the GPS feature. It also has an interactive side. The Running App allows you to be active on Facebook and you can post the time you start your run. As your run progresses your friends can tag you and you will receive cheers and badges as you go along. This really adds a fun side to running plus the app allows you to listen to music whilst running. More and more apps and products are following suit by becoming more user friendly. While they do a fantastic job of tracking everything you need they add the sharing element.

If you look at children in Kindergarten, they love to share and what child doesn’t love those star shaped rewards stickers? Well, obviously adults love being rewarded and getting praise for their achievements too. If you have found that when it comes to sticking to your diet or exercise routine you get lonely or bored. Then using a fitness app could really make a huge difference to you. Many apps are free or cost less than $5, why not download one today and see if it makes a difference or not.


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