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Everyday Habits that Age Your Skin

Skin is an organ. Whenever something is going on inside the body, it can show outwardly on our skin before we even are aware that there is a problem. But sometimes, our habits can be aging our skin far faster than it should.

The entire body goes through an aging process. It is a fact of life. But, you don’t have to look your true age. We aren’t talking about getting plastic surgery or using fancy products on your skin. One of the best ways to slow down the skin aging process is by changing our daily habits.

Here are a few of the habits that could be making you old right now.

  • Too much time in the sun – The sun is a good source of vitamin D but it can also be a source of stress for your skin. The sun gives off both UVA and UVB rays that can damage the sensitive layers of the skin. You may not know that you are doing your skin a disservice when you lay out to get a tan, but you are. Always use sunscreen or sunblock of a high SPF when you are out in the sun for any length of time. Even when the sun is stuck behind the clouds for a bit on a warm day, you are still being exposed to some rays.
  • Smoking – Smoking is a good habit to break for many reasons. First it fills your lungs with particulates from the cigarette. It can lead to emphysema, lung cancer and other breathing conditions. The smoke can also remove vitamin C from the body. Lack of vitamin C can result in a loss of moisture in the skin. Dry flaky skin may be due to the habit of smoking, not the environment.
  • Eating fatty foods – Foods that are filled with nutrients help the body to go about its normal functioning. When we are deprived of those nutrients, the body lacks what it needs to stay healthy. Eating fatty foods can lead to clogged pores and incidence of pimples and breakouts on the skin.
  • Loss of sleep – Sleep is the body’s chance to restore and repair itself. When we short ourselves on sleep, the body doesn’t fully recharge. This can lead to a breakdown in the immune system. We aren’t able to fight off diseases as well. Puffiness and dark circles around the eyes are a result of a lack of sleep in some people.
  • Stressful situations – We all have to deal with stress in some form or fashion each day. When it gets out of control, the body takes the hit. Stress can increase the free radical damage in the body. This includes the skin. We can prematurely wrinkle and lose elasticity in our skin.

What habits do you have that could be upping your age? Learn to reverse them now.

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