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Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Organic Cosmetics

Women begin experimenting with beauty products in their childhood years. Most girls can’t wait to reach the magical age where we can begin to use makeup. From trying on Mom’s high heels to smearing on her lipstick, we want to do what we can to look beautiful. Organic cosmetics can show off the beauty you already have and help keep your body healthier.

Your skin acts like an armor surrounding and protecting your internal organs. It acts as a first line of defense by putting up a stop sign to dangerous bacteria and infectious organisms. Yet the same way it acts as a stop sign keeping guard as the bad, when using cosmetics, we can inadvertently apply things we shouldn’t directly to our skin.

When we do that, the skin acts like a sponge and soaks the ingredients, such as topical medicines right down into our body. While using a topical medicine every now and then to fix an ailment might not be such a big deal to the skin, repeated use of some cosmetics can be.

When you apply cosmetics, you’re not simply applying it to the top layer of your skin. Your body does absorb the cosmetics you wear. That means that if you choose cosmetics with questionable ingredients, those ingredients go below the surface. Think chemicals in cosmetics aren’t really a cause for concern? If you don’t use organic cosmetics, take a look at what you do use. Pay attention to the list.

Would you cover your face in antifreeze? No? What about putting on some brake fluid on your face instead. Don’t like the sound of that either? Yet, this ingredient is found in some cosmetic foundations. It goes by the name propylene glycol.

Despite the names these ingredients have, in the formula they all add up to the same answer. Chemicals that are bad for your health and bad for your skin. Did you know at least one ingredient in straight from the store cosmetics could give you contact dermatitis that’s chemically inducted?

Don’t assume contact dermatitis is always isolated to a small reddened area signifying an allergic reaction. It can vary in severity and range and give a skin reaction that will cover the majority of the body, bring on fever, chills and warrant a trip to the emergency room.

When you use organic cosmetics, you’re using ingredients that do not contain the harmful chemicals your skin cannot protect you from. What you’re getting are safe, gentle ingredients that actually help your skin do the job it was designed to do. With the safer alternative to regular cosmetics, you’ll not only gain healthier skin but peace of mind as well. Life is tough enough on your skin. Give it the cosmetics that will help and not harm it. 

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