Quit Smoking

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Are you still smoking after all these years? With the high price of cigarettes today, the lack of smoking areas in public places and all the known health risks of smoking, more people than ever are kicking the habit. If you still have that stinky, cancer-causing monkey on your back, here are ten wonderful benefits to motivate you to make that change today.

Your Health

If you quit smoking today, you have a significantly reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and a whole list of conditions that aren’t life-threatening but painful or annoying. Some benefits begin within the first day you quit, others require time. All of the health benefits are well worth it.

Hey Good Looking

Non-smokers are better looking than smokers. It’s ironic, considering that most of us start smoking in order to look cool. But as you age, you won’t look so cool anymore. Smoking is terrible for your skin and it causes premature wrinkles and paleness. Smokers are more likely to go grey early and lose their hair, and cigarettes can stain your teeth and fingers.

Better Relationships

Smoking is a social stigma these days. While you may not lose friends, you’re limiting friends and definitely your potential romantic partners. Few non-smokers want to date a smoker. They say that kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray. Even if you’re married and out of the dating scene, it’s a sure bet that your family thinks it’s gross.

Better in Bed

Smokers are better in the sack because smoking affects your circulation. When you quit smoking, you’ll see a spike in your sex life (and again, your partner won’t have to feel like they’re smooching with an ashtray).

Money in Your Pocket

In the United States, cigarettes cost $5 to $10 a pack depending on the state. This adds up to a great deal of money over weeks and months of not smoking. You can save this pocket money or use it for something more fun or useful than cancer sticks.

Work Opportunities

This may come as a surprise, but quitting smoking can advance your career. Surveys show that companies are less likely to employ or promote smokers. More recently, there has been a new trend of companies blatantly discriminating against smokers, even to the point of saying don’t bother to apply if you smoke. Ethically right or wrong, it’s a trend that looks like it won’t go away.

Eating and Drinking

Smoking diminishes your ability to taste food. After you quit smoking, what you eat and drink will actually taste better.

Stay in the Conversation

After you quit smoking, you no longer have to run outside for smoke breaks. With fewer and fewer buildings allowing smoking inside their walls, these runs can be pretty long and exhausting.

Freedom from Addiction

Although it’s much more socially acceptable than gambling or heroin, smoking is an addiction, and a powerful one at that. If you’ve ever had to suffer through an international flight, you know this to be true. Like all addictions, it’s a monkey on your back. There’s no better feeling than to be free.

The Effect on Your Family

Finally, the most important benefit of all. Smoking may be a personal habit, but it affects your family. Secondhand smoke poses a significant health risk and smoke can linger in a room for hours after the cigarette is put out. And if you smoke, your children are much more likely to grow up to become smokers as well.

Want to quit smoking? Start by making a list. Write down the benefits that are most important for you and look at it every day to motivate you. This is the first step to help you quit smoking.