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Anti Aging Advice Can Be Offensive

The anti aging industry is worth millions of dollars. Hundreds of creams, serums and lotions sell like hotcakes because they promise to make a woman look younger. And then there are procedures that pull the skin or fatten up the lips. Why do women painstakingly undergo these procedures? It’s not because they absolutely have to, but it’s because of what this society has become.

We see commercials for anti aging products everyday and most of them make out like aging is the most terrible thing that can ever happen to a woman. That is deeply offensive, don’t you think? Why do they go for this route? The reason is simple – companies want to nudge at your insecurities so you would buy their products.

Aging is not a bad thing. It’s a natural occurrence in life that we all need to embrace. But how some women go as far as undergoing 5 surgeries in one day is beyond my understanding. I guess we can blame the media for this phenomenon.

Botox and anti aging surgeries aren’t anything but unusual in Hollywood. Some celebrities are obsessed in their quest for preserving their youth and this has a major influence on the rest of us. We are lead to believe that aging is disgusting and once we start having wrinkles on our face, we need to do everything to correct them; no matter what it takes.

There is nothing wrong with using anti wrinkle products. I’m all up for it because I am a firm believer in aging gracefully. But the problem starts when someone is desperate to alter their looks to deny the natural process of aging. Some women go overboard and then they end up looking worse than ever.

I hate to drop names but just think about Jocelyn Wildenstein, Janice Dickinson and Donatella Versace. I’m sure they have their reasons for doing what they did but do you honestly want to look like them? You are probably vigorously shaking your head right now!

For your own good, do not pay attention to any advice that will tell you that aging should be avoided like the plague. Aging is a beautiful thing and you need to embrace it. There is nothing to be ashamed of. With age comes wisdom, remember? You can age gracefully by taking good care of yourself.

Let go of your bad habits and start living a healthy lifestyle. It’s no secret- healthy diet and regular exercise will keep you looking younger. Don’t fall prey to what the society dictates as to what you should look like. It all boils down to being happy with your self and your life. When you are happy and fulfilled, you wouldn’t care less about your gray hair or the fine lines on your face.

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