A Sampling of Some of the Top Weight Loss Apps

When it comes to weight loss apps there are certainly lots to choose from. It can be so easy to download too many apps. To help you out we have taken a sampling of some of the top weight loss apps available and have provided a quick description of each.

Fitness apps are great because they allow you to stay on track no matter where you are and they can be downloaded directly to your mobile device.

CountEat. Calories

This app currently costs $0.99 and helps the user estimate their calories each day. Instead of setting a set amount of calories per day it helps you determine a calorie range. This method actually works very well for people who have a lot of weight to lose.


The Cyclemeter app currently retails for $4.99. It is purely for measuring your activity and is not a calorie counting app. While its main use was developed for cyclists it works great for tracking your walking, running, skating as well as other activities.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

There are different versions of this app with a free version to one that will cost you $4.99 for the pro version. This app uses GPS to track your various activities plus it allows you to share your progress with your friends and family. You can share across many platforms including Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and more.


Fitbit offers a variety of products and tools for losing weight and tracking your exercise routines. It is available as an app and there is a web based version as well. You can join for free with a paid option for a premium membership.

In addition Fitbit has a number of innovative tools such as the Fitbit One that will track and measure your calories along with your steps.

Eat This Not That

This app helps you to decide what to eat and allows you to swap out your food choices. The worst thing about some diet plans is that you donÕt always like all of your choices. When that happens just use this app to select a new choice. It is currently selling for $4.99 and has over 13,000 food choices and 10,000 listed grocery products.

5K Runner: Start running C25K (couch to 5K) app

This app helps train you to run a 5K. You train for 35 minutes three times a week over a period of eight weeks. The training program runs on an interval training basis with each interval slowly increasing. It is currently selling for $0.99

Fitness Buddy

This great fitness app includes over 1000 exercises for $0.99. Also included are over 45 tailored workout routines. You can easily track your fitness progress and find suitable exercises to add to your daily workout.

The above weight loss apps are just a small selection of the hundreds of apps that are available. If you own any type of mobile device then why not take advantage of technology to really ramp up your weight loss and fitness goals.

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